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BM Wine is delighted to host an industry professional only wine event co-hosted by My Casa restaurant, Classic Fine Foods and Home-winevents. This event marks a milestone in our journey in providing excellent service to our partners within the HoReCa market across the vibrant wine scene of Vietnam.
We will guide you through a curated selection of wines while fostering an atmosphere of discovery and delight with a Walk-around approach to wine tasting. Indeed, this event is designed to give you the opportunity to sample a range of wines currently available in our portfolio together with new listings joining the selection in the very near future. Alongside the wine tasting, you will have the chance to experience and appreciate a range of nibbles and canapes appositely prepared by My Casa restaurant for you.
At the event:
6pm - Reception (Nibbles and bubbly on arrival)
6:30 - Introduction 
6:35 - Wine tasting (Canapes and black Seafood Paella)
8pm - Free Flow wine (Canapes and Chicken Paella)

The event is an exclusive event for the Hospitality professionals only. If you are an FBM, FBD, Operation M, Operation Director, Cluster FBD, GM, Cluster GM or a hospitality business owner, this is the event for you.  We are aiming to a professional environment and to an opportunity to socialize, network and exchange.

Please follow the link to register your interest, the event is FREE and a business card on arrival is mandatory.



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