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Return policy

1. Scope of application

All customers who order our products will be committed to the same as the sample, if not satisfied with the product, they have the right to return the product and receive 100% of the money spent.


2. Conditions of return

- In good condition, in good condition.

- Time: within 30 days from the date of purchase

- Requires to keep the original packaging and tags of the product when returning it

- The number of times to exchange for 1 product is 1 time

- Products that cannot be returned: the return period has expired, is no longer complete, intact, dented, lightly scratched products (Except for the above warranty refusal cases):

We are very happy that our customers have trusted us to use the product

We are also very happy to listen to your suggestions and requests.

You can contact: 028 3970 7808 (office hours) to contribute your comments about our products and services.

Thank you very much!

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