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Les Vignerons de TUTIAC

Our logo, a symbol! Do you know his story?
Composed mainly of two elements:
🪶 Swallow (representation of the Gironde Estuary),
⚓️  A template (traditional boat that carried Bordeaux wine barrels on the river network of the region).
A picture full of enthusiasm and freedom, it reflects the link of our winemakers to nature, but also the alliance of geography, history and commerce that have made Bordeaux wines what they are today!
-Born on the right bank north of the estuary, on the marnes and marine limestone of Blaye-Côtes de Bordeaux, Tutiac extended south and the limestone hillsides at Astéries des Côtes de Bourg and Fronsac. We are also along the left bank, on the alluvial terraces of the Médoc and Graves to Sauternes.
-Founded in 1974, Tutiac cooperation brings together more than 520 passionate winemakers throughout Bordeaux. By combining know-how and modernity, we are today a major player in 15 Bordeaux AOCs.
-Tutiac Cooperation is the leading French producer of AOC wines. A rank that we hold by a flawless demand on the quality of our production.
Here are the main principles:
🍇 Know our terroirs,
🎯  Aim for excellence,
🚜  Control all production,
🌱  Certifications that guarantee transparency and traceability, respecting the environment, biodiversity and your health.
Since 2003, Tutiac has undertaken a comprehensive mapping of all the areas exploited by our vineyards.
-At Tutiac Winegrowers, the terroir is the grouping of 3 elements:
🤝  The Knowledge: 520 winemakers combine their ancestral know-how with modern techniques.
🍇  The soil: the region offers a very wide variety of soils, allowing you to have varied and unique wines.
☀️ The climate: ideally located near the Gironde estuary, our vines enjoy an ocean climate, with an average of 240 days of sunshine per year.
-Each parcel is analyzed in detail: exposure, soil, basement, graft carrier, grafting, age of vines, planting density... This precision work sheds light on our cultural choices, but also our winemaking! 🍇
-📍  Tutiac, the Bordeaux of both shores.
We are proud to defend 16 Bordeaux AOCs on the terroirs of Blaye, Bourg, Graves, Fronsac, Médoc and Sauternes. This large family full of characters flourishes on 5400 hectares of vines around the Gironde estuary.
-The special topography of our region and the diversity of soils allow us to have varied and unique wine profiles. Indeed, the soil type influences the vines and the quality of the crops because it affects its vigour, its precocity and therefore its characteristics and tannins. 🍷

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