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Origin and some ways of distilling spirits

Spirits have dominated the domestic alcohol market in recent years. Colors, flavors and ways of enjoying are the factors that make up the brand of wine, so to enjoy it, customers should equip themselves with knowledge about those things. The taste of wine will be transformed quite interestingly when combined with dishes, if you really know the type of wine you are using, you will be able to have extremely interesting experiences. Here are the origins of some of the foreign wines in the world today. In countries such as the US, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and the UK, Whiskey is extremely famous and is produced with high technology and large quantities. Countries like Russia, Poland, and Eastern Europe use vodka.

Cherry Brandy, also known as Kirsch, is produced in countries such as France, Switzerland, and Germany with very different methods, with its own characteristics. With Rhum, most of them are produced in countries such as Spain, Italy, and Germany. In addition, there are still many other types of spirits such as Cognac, which is known as a characteristic, famous of France. Distilled from barley sprouts, it is called barley whiskey. Until 1830, when drinking, we mixed with corn, so Whiskey had a softer smell and the taboo during processing was not to use fruit and potatoes. In the world today, there are four famous whiskey lines: Canada, Scotch Whiskey of Scotland, USA and Irish in Ireland.

Scottish Whiskey with more than 100 years of age with two brands, the Old Man with the Red and the Black Label, is the most famous of all the spirits available on the market today. For wines with black labels, the wine is aged for more than 12 years before being released on the market, with red labels, it is only aged for more than 3 years. In addition, Scotland also has a very famous Chivas Regal wine when it sells 42 million bottles each year.

With Brandy distilled from grapes or fermented fruits by traditional science, the wine after distillation reaches a concentration of 70–80. To make this wine, it must go through two times of distillation and then aged in oak barrels so that the wine has the ability to oxidize. Adding Caramel juice to the wine is the final step with the aim of bringing the concentration down to still 40. Currently, this wine has two models of Cognac and Armagnac.

Cognac is made with special grapes grown in selected regions. Fresh grapes are pressed to get the juice to ferment before being put into the distillation pot, many famous cognac lines today such as Courvoisier, Hennessy, Remy Martell, Roi des Rois, Martell...

Although Armagnac wine has the same distillation solution with Cognac, when drunk, the flavor is stronger because when cooking this wine uses a columned pot. Armagnac is also made from St. Emillion, Colombard & Folle Blanche in the south of Bordeaux, France.

In Italy there is also cognac but it is called Marc & Grappa, this line is distilled from the skin and seeds of grapes. The wine has a light green color, more intense than French wine, but is loved by many European countries. especially the Grappa Italy model, made in the region of Barbara & Pied Monte.

There are also many famous wines from other regions, each with different cooking methods, different colors, flavors and different ways of enjoying. From there, it creates a brand, a beauty in the typical wine drinking culture of that address.

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