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1 - Bank transfer payment - delivery via courier service:

- Immediately after receiving the payment via bank transfer, the consultant will call to notify the customer directly and schedule the delivery date and time. Depending on the customer's address, the delivery time can be from 12 to 72 hours.

- In case of late delivery without prior notice, the customer can cancel the order and will refund the full amount paid by the customer within 07 days.

- Products with value including VAT over 20 million VND, according to the VAT Law promulgated by the State, need to pay by transfer. Customers can call staff for detailed advice here.

2- Shipping fee + product insurance fee:

- Shipping fee: charged for products or subject to agreement.

- Product insurance fee: For products when shipped through a 3rd party that is a company that signs a shipping contract, the customer pays a product insurance fee depending on the value of the product. During transportation, if damage or loss occurs, customers will be compensated 100% of the product value at the time of sale if insurance is paid.


3 - Other cases:

- The customer has a request to transfer the goods to another 3rd party such as a garage, acquaintance, or a transport unit that does not sign a direct contract. The cost and all risks during transportation are borne by the customer. When the delivery staff hands over the product to a 3rd party, the customer and the customer's shipping partner need to confirm by phone, SMS or on the delivery note.

Shipping Policy

I. Shipping Policy

- Free nationwide shipping on select products.

For customers located outside the province or have a delivery request, we will deliver to the customer's place.

- Delivery has a shipping fee for some products. The delivery fee will be added directly to the order when you place an order.

II. Effect

This policy does not apply to goods that are gifts, promotional goods. Promotions are not applied at the same time (but do not include promotions in section I of this policy), the biggest promotion priority is given to customers at the time of transaction.

III. Delivery time

Delivery time in Ho Chi Minh City is from 3-48 hours from the time of order confirmation with the customer.

COD delivery time in provinces and cities will depend on each customer's address, the order processing department will notify the customer specifically (Average about 2 - 5 working days)

In case customers need EXPRESS shipping, please talk to a salesperson who will advise specifically.

For special cases, please contact hotline 028 3971 7808

Note: At peak times (holidays, Tet), or depending on some objective conditions (such as natural disasters, vehicle damage, etc.), we cannot deliver the goods right away, so we will negotiate a time. specific delivery to the customer.


Return policy

1. Scope of application

All customers who order our products will be committed to the same as the sample, if not satisfied with the product, they have the right to return the product and receive 100% of the money spent.


2. Conditions of return

- In good condition, in good condition.

- Time: within 30 days from the date of purchase

- Requires to keep the original packaging and tags of the product when returning it

- The number of times to exchange for 1 product is 1 time

- Products that cannot be returned: the return period has expired, is no longer complete, intact, dented, lightly scratched products (Except for the above warranty refusal cases):

We are very happy that our customers have trusted us to use the product

We are also very happy to listen to your suggestions and requests.

You can contact: 028 3970 7808 (office hours) to contribute your comments about our products and services.

Thank you very much!


Information privacy policy

1. Purpose and scope of collection

Thank you for visiting our website, to use the services at the website, you may be required to register personal information with us such as:

- Full name, contact address

- Email, mobile phone number

2. Scope of information use

collect and use personal information for the appropriate purpose and in full compliance with this “privacy policy”. We only use your information within the company or may disclose it to 3rd parties such as agents and other service providers in order to provide the best and most optimal service for you. .

When necessary, we may use this information to contact you directly such as sending open letters, orders, thank you letters, technical and security information, promotional information, information news about new products and services….

3. Information storage time

Your information will be stored in our company's internal system until you request to cancel the information provided.


4. Commitment to confidentiality of customer's personal information

We are committed to keeping your information confidential

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