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SYRAH Grape (English)

SYRAH originates in France, while Australia adopted the term 'SHIRAZ' for the same grape variety.

It is called SYRAH in its country of origin, France, as well as in the rest of Europe, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, New Zealand and South Africa. The name "SHIRAZ" became popular for this grape variety in Australia, where it has long been established as the most grown dark-skinned variety. In Australia, it was also commonly called Hermitage up to the late 1980s, but since that name is also a French Protected Designation of Origin, this naming practice caused a problem in some export markets and was dropped.

SYRAH is the red wine grape that rules the Northern Rhone Valley. While Syrah is planted all over the world, at close to 70,000 hectares, more Syrah is planted in France, than in any other country.

SYRAH is the only red grape allowed by AOC rules in the appellations of Cote Rotie and Hermitage. In fact, it’s the only red wine grape planted in the Northern Rhone Today, Syrah is one of world’s most popular and widely planted red wine grape varieties.

SYRAH grapes are an offspring of two ancient varietals. It was created when “Dureza”, a dark skinned berry was crossed with “Mondeuse Blanche”, a white skinned grape. This is thought to have first occurred on the west bank of the Rhône.

Some historians believe SYRAH was cultivated by the Greeks 500 years earlier than the Romans!  While we do not know how long the grape has been used for wine, today Syrah continues to gain in popularity.

SYRAH is popular all over the world reaching its best expression in Hermitage and Cote Rotie. In Cote Rotie, some producers blend it with Viognier to produce a heavily perfumed, opulent and exotic wine.

Today SYRAH is ranked as the world’s 6th most planted grape. But that has not always been the case. During the 1800’s, SYRAH started becoming more prevalent in the Rhone Valley and the Languedoc Roussillon area. But the true explosion in SYRAH started slowly taking off in the 1960’s.

To give you an idea of the growth, in 1960, only 2,000 hectares were planted with SYRAH in France. By 2005, over 68,000 hectares were devoted to SYRAH in France. Today, over 70,000 hectares are planted to SYRAH and that number is expected to continue increasing. The Languedoc-Roussillon appellation has the largest plantings of SYRAH with more than 43,000 hectares of vines.

Food Pairing with SYRAH

  • SYRAH is a perfect for a wide and diverse array of wine and food pairings. Syrah is often the best wine for all types of roasted, grilled or smoked meat dishes like; Duck, Beef, Veal, Sausage, Grilled Meats, Barbecue and Chicken dishes.

SYRAH based wines and Game, make a perfect wine and food pairing.

  • SYRAH also makes a great wine and food match with rich Braised dishes and Stewed Meats or Fishes.
  • SYRAH is for many people the only wine that works with numerous, winter comfort dishes like Cassoulet (speciality of Castelnaudary/South of France), Grilled Steaks and good old fashioned, American Hamburgers.
  • SYRAH can also be easily paired with a myriad of different Hard and Soft Cheeses.

SYRAH also produces great wine in America, Argentina, Australia, Chile, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and numerous other countries.

In Australia the grape was imported from France in 1831 by James Busby. At the time, the berry was referred to as Hermitage, its place of origin.

In a world where bigger is better, SYRAH is the ideal choice.

It’s darker than Cabernet Sauvignon and contains high amounts of health-invigorating antioxidants.

FRUIT: Blackberry, Blueberry and Boysenberry (tart to jammy) 

OTHER: Olive, pepper, clove, vanilla, mint, licorice, chocolate, allspice, rosemary, cured meat, bacon fat, tobacco, herbs and smoke
OAK: Yes. Usually medium to high usage of oak aging (
of all kinds).
TANNIN:Medium (+)
ACIDITY:Medium (+)
AGEABILITY:Yes. 5-9 years (most) & 12-25 years (age-worthy examples)

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