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The secret of wine corks?

1. Corks

Cork, also known as cork, is made from dead cells of the bark of the oak tree. The interior of the cell is nitrogen, and the cell envelope is suberin. Suberin is a water repellent, they prevent liquid from flowing out of the cork. Therefore, cork bottles are very suitable for wine ripening.

Each Quercus Suber oak tree must be grown for 25 years or more to provide a 70 mm thick bark. After 14 years, the first oak bark is removed, but it must be discarded because of the rough, rough surface and many unusable tannins. 12 years later, the second smooth, regenerated shell is used as wine cork.

2. Screw Caps

The spin button is a descendant of the lie button, invented by Dan Rylands of Bamsley on August 10, 1889. By 1926, the number of uses for spirits was rapidly increasing due to the convenience and low cost of the metal screw stopper.

6 steps to open the wine line button

Step 1. Use a knife to cut off the top of the bottle neck.

Step 2. Insert the pointed spiral tip into the center of the li-e button. Don't let the corkscrew go into a corner, it will break the stopper. Rotate the corkscrew deep into the cork vertically to the center of the cork.

Step 3. When the tip of the vortex is almost completely submerged, stop. Bend the prong for leverage into the neck of the bottle.

Step 4. Slowly lift up the cork vertically. The force of the appropriate lever will push the splitter and minimize the chance of breaking the button.

Step 5. Stop when the stopper is still partially (about half a centimeter) in the neck of the bottle. If you pull hard again, it will create an annoying explosion. In addition, there may be small particles falling inside the bottle.

Step 6. Gently pull out the cork with your hand. Use a towel (non-cotton type) to gently wipe the top of the wine bottle. Don't throw away the cork. You can turn it upside down to re-bottle if you don't drink it all.

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